Pachatusantrek uses the best quality camping equipment for outdoors, produced by specialist in the field. EUREKA, THERM A REST, THE PETT AND TRAVEL TRAVEL CHAIR ensures the comfort of our trekers, in accordance with our activities in the Andean mountains.

Bedroom Tents

Bedroom Tents

Alpenlite 2XT – EUREKA / Simple Tents / Guide Tents

Designed to take extreme weather, this tent has a ventilation system with mesh which protects from mosquitoes and warm weather and it is resistant to rain and snow in cold climate. The size of this tent is for two people, however we use them for one passenger to give the person more space and comfort.

K2-XT – EUREKA / for 2 guests (double tent)

This tent is a gear refuge under extreme climatic conditions. It has a ventilation system with mesh to protect one from mosquitoes in warm weather and a waterproof outside to protect one from cold rain and snow. They are designed for three people, however we only use for two persons, thus they can have more space and comfort.

Sleeping mats and cots

Sleeping mats and cots

Inflatable sleeping mats - Term A Rest

This matras offers thermal insulation and comfort due to the thickness it has when totally expanded. For mountain conditions it is the proper equipment in order to have the necessary rest to face the challenge ahead.

Cot (available only on alternate routes)

If you want to pamper your passenger, the bed is what one wants (available only on alternate routes)

The bed gives one, insulation from the floor, comfort and the possibility of sleeping in a better body position.

We offer sheet, blankets and pillows to better face the cold. If the passenger so chooses he can use his own sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags

Regular Cimarron Model (-10°C / 14°F)

EUREKA mummy model. It resists up to -10 ºC. We also provide light weight sleeping bags made of polar synthetic fiber. This specialized equipment allows us to lauder it after each service.

It makes it possible to have, after a day of trekking a fitful rest which allows facing the next day in ship shape form.

Regular Casper Model / Long (-10°C / 14°F)

Made with EUREKA outdoor technology. The sleeping bags, mummy type, allow maximum comfort and insulation from extreme cold .They have been tested by ourselves at the Ausangate Snow peak in Cusco.

Dinning Tents

Dinning Tents


Cooper Canyon tents offer a comfortable environment where one can enjoy meals. Wide windows allow enjoying the beautiful scenery. These have a ventilation system that permits the environment to become a warm area.


It is appropriate for eating and resting. It can be cool and ventilated in a short time. Wide windows allow the enjoyment of incredible scenery.

Chairs and Tables

Chairs and Tables


Our tables are very stable, which allows us to enjoy in a safe manner our meals. They have telescopic legs, which make it possible to adjust them to the terrain.


For our lunch in the field we have very comfortable chairs, which have a tripod back. The TRAVEL chairs are safe and comfortable.

FOUR POSTER CHAIRS (on alternate routes)

Comfort and stability are their trade mark while eating or simply resting at the camping site.

Toilet / Shower Tents

Toilet / Shower Tents


We follow international eco tourism norms and Pachatusantrek uses “The Pett” (Portable Environmental Toilet Tent). This system has a compacting system and biodegradable bags which environmentally friendly. This tent has a water chair which makes comfortable and hygienic

SHOWER TENT – THE TRUNK (only on alternate routes)

Available for the time being only on alternate routes. The shower tent offers comfort, hygiene, above all to freshen up after a day hard trekking.

The shower has hot water and we can provide a biodegradable hygienic kit



Biodegradable hygienic and personal kit

Taking into consideration care for the environment and the wellbeing of our passengers, we include in all our treks a kit for personal care and cleanliness with products that are 100% biodegradable that have native herbal aromas.


We provide comfortable and antiallergenic piloows for the passengers wellbeing and comfort

Hot water bags

In addition to the sleeping bag we provide hot water bags to in sure a comfortable and pleasant time of rest.

Heatings (on alternate routes only)

We use heating in tents such as the dining tent especially in cold routes.




The Peruvian government protects theHistorical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu in different ways: from acultural perspective through the Ministry of Culture; environmentallythrough the Ministry of Environment and socially through the Ministryof Labour. These state institutions regulate tourism within theHistorical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu (Santuario Histórico MachuPicchu or SHMP)

Our activities inside the Historical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu

ForPachatusantrek S.A.C., being respectful towards our staff, the lawsin our country and the quality of service that we provide are ofsupreme importance. For these reasons our camping equipment has beencarefully chosen to fulfill these three basic requirements.

It is also important to inform youthat the rules of the Historical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu prohibitthe use of horses or mules to carry equipment along the Inca Trail asthe hooves of these animals damage the stone path. Only porters areallowed.

The Porters Law, created to protectthe workers on the network of Inca Trails, states the weight limitseach Porter is allowed to carry. In this way we are forced tominimize the weight carried by the Porters on our behalf. ThePorters Law states that the maximum weight to be carried by eachPorter is 20kg/ 44lb.

The weightpermitted for each trekker is 6kg / 13lb, including sleeping bag. Here we ask for your understanding and cooperation, as the trekkersthemselves can carry any excess weight in their day packs.

Following the Porters Law,Pachatusantrek provides the Porters with the necessary equipment todo their job in the best way.

Camping equipment for outdoor staff

Following the Porter Law,Pachatusantrek provides the porters with the necessary equipment sothey can carry out their work in the best way.

The equipment required by law is thefollowing:

  • Tents
  • Trekking shoes
  • Backpacks with waist straps andback support
  • Fleece jacket
  • Lumbar support for lifting
  • Foam mattress
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tent
  • Torch
  • Water bottle
  • T-shirts
  • Rain poncho

The quality of this equipment isguaranteed by the brands Doite (camping equipment) and Pachatusantrek(Trekking shoes and fleece jackets). This equipment makes thePorters’ job of carrying our equipment and baggage easier.