About Pachatusantrek

What is the Pachatusan?

In Andean cosmo-vision, the concept of Pacha does not only refer to Mother Earth. The other meaning is linked to the concept of time and space represented by the serpent called Chocora. The original term Tusay means to prop-up or to support. Pachatusan, therefore, can be interpreted as the concept of the permanency of time and space in infinity. The Apu Pachatusan is one of the sacred or guardian mountains of the city of Cusco, located to the east (in the Antisuyo area).

According to chroniclers of the Spanish invasion this mountain was worshipped with many offerings, indicating that the place was of great importance. At the base of the Pachatusan the archaeological complex of Tipon is found, which is believed to have been principally a place to worship water and fertility.


We are a legally established company since we started operating. We are located in the city of Cusco, Peru and are dedicated to adventure tourism doing trekking in the mountains of the regions of Cusco and Lima, as well as traditional tourism.

In terms of entrepreneurial values, we strive to exceed our passengers´ expectations as well as the professional satisfaction of our clients. This is based on the premise that the primary characteristic is of collaboration, between all parties involved. Our company seeks to permanently develop our activities with high standards, always seeking to improve our processes in accordance with sustainable tourism guidelines.

In Pachatusantrek our selection process is related to the premise that the main characteristic of our collaborators is associated with human values in order to develop the professional aspect of our program. Our company and personal responsibility obliges us to seek equilibrium in the development of our activities where the social, economic and environmental aspects are the pillars of our growth.

The training of our collaborators is a fundamental tool in our ability to achieve our goals and strengthen our entrepreneurial vision.

A fundamental part of our development and evolution as a company is the permanent search for environmentally friendly technologies.


Our passion and vocation to service has led us to develop our professional activities in different natural places in our country. These feelings and abilities have been the principal motivation to start Pachatusantrek.

The rich geography, history, culture and bio-diversity of our country make us sure about this project.

We are motivated and able to bring you advice and a personalised service in the organisation of your vacation.


Throughout this period our company will seek to lead in the adventure tourism market in mountain trekking and traditional tourism in the Cusco region. Our emphasis is in the social, economic, and environmental aspects combined with the development of sustainable tourism.


The mission of our organization is to lead in the development of sustainable tourism in the Cusco region, as well as nationally, always seeking to fulfill our clients and collaborators expectations by complying with quality and sustainability standards.

Conservation Policies

  • Pachatusantrek is committed to following ecotourism guidelines when carrying out our trips, with special care to not contaminate water and in the adequate disposal of non-biodegradable waste.
  • Pachatusantrek respects the local customs and traditions in the communities found on our treking routes.
  • Pachatusantrek creates job opportunities for some of the people living in the communities where we operate our trips.
  • Pachatusantrek develops activities while trying to minimize negative impact which could be created by our operations.
  • Pachatusantrek follows the manual of good practice designed by Promperu in the development of our activities, and tries to ensure superior standards.


Our vision obliges us to intensify the search for strategic goals, such as:

  • Develop sustainable tourism based on three fundamental aspect; economic, social and environmental.
  • Develop our activities with respect and promoting the regional cultural values and customs where we operate.
  • Protect the archaeological sites that we visit during our activities.
  • Constant search for friendly environmental technologies.
  • Satisfy our clients´ expectations.
  • Develop our activities with local collaborators as a first option preferably.
  • Constantly train our local collaborators in high standards of sustainability quality and service.
  • Provide our collaborators with the necessary resources for the optimal development of their activities.
  • Inform our clients about our achievements in terms of quality of services and sustainability.


  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Quality service
  • Empathy
  • Trust

Our Services

Travel Consultants

We bring you the best choices of tourist services so that your trip exceeds your expectations.

Tailor-made trips

We adapt our services to suit your timeframe, budget, destination and trip planning.

Office and field operations

We offer the choice of traditional and adventure trips, all with transport, guide, office and field staff.


You can reserve flights, hotels, transfers, restaurants and excursions with the security of knowing you will get the service agreed upon.

Traditional and trekking guides

We bring you qualified guides, with extensive knowledge, who will take you on a fantastic trip through the history and geography of the Andes.

About This Web-Site

Our website design, photographs, descriptions, and the entire contents of our website are the property of Pachatusantrek. They have been developed entirely by Pachatusantrek and may not be copied, in part or in their totality. If any part of the content of our programs is copied and/or used without the authorization of Pachatusantrek SAC, the guilty party will be reported to the relevant authority, and the appropriate penalties applied.

We have identified to some informal travel agencies based in Cusco that are wholly or partially copying the content of our programs, as well as measurements of distances and heights that professionally we present on our website and that have been taken after inspection of each route by Pachatusantrek.

Please be careful with these agencies that using the name of Pachatusantrek offer our information as their own, but whose service is not the same and they do not have the equipment nor the manpower that we offer in each of our treks.