14 reasons to choose us

  1. We are a professional company complying with all the legal requirements of the Peruvian state authorities.
  2. We are licensed by the Peruvian state to operate the Inca trail, without intermediaries. We do not use the services of other agencies, in this way we guarantee the quality standards offered in our programs.
  3. Our commitment to carry out sustainable tourism, covering social, economic and environmental aspects. We involve people from the Andean communities in the areas where we operate our treks; offering ideal working conditions, fare wages, timely payment of employees, equipment, suitable uniforms and balanced meals. Likewise we are respectful of the local traditions and customs. From the environmental aspect we follow the philosophy "take only photos and leave only footsteps", being especially careful in our handling of non bio-degradable waste and in not contaminating water sources. For example, the detergents we use are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, and we do not wash our utensils directly in running water.
  4. Our staff have years of experience, and also undergo continual training for the constant improvement of our services.
  5. The camping equipment we use is of the highest quality, offering our trekkers the necessary comfort to be able to face the challenges of our treks. 4 season tents; sleeping bags designed to withstand up to -10 degrees C/ -14 degrees F; fleece blankets for retaining heat or normal sheets for warmer climates, foam and inflatable mattresses to be able to sleep well. All of these products are from the best known brands in outdoor activities.
  6. The food we provide is of high quality, using fresh ingredients. The menus we offer have been designed by a nutritional expert, balancing the food with the exercise undertaken. We offer vegetarian options according to our clients’ wishes. No additional cost.
  7. The first aid equipment that we use is supervised by a specialist doctor in altitude sickness and trekking. We have an oxygen tank, first aid kid, fracture immobilisers etc. following the established standards set out by the relevant authorities. Depending on our clients’ needs, we have agreements with the best general clinics and those specialising in altitude sickness.
  8. The guides in our team are experienced and highly trained in different areas, such as culture, history, geography, first aid, etc. In this way we want to guarantee an excellent time for learning and relaxing.
  9. All the routes we offer have been geo-referenced and recognized by Pachatusantrek SAC. We can therefore reply to any questions you have about them, and we can expand upon the information given for any route requested.
  10. The size of our groups in shared services is between 4 and 10 people, guaranteeing a personalized service, with an assistant guide for 8 passengers or more.
  11. On private treks we offer services such as solar shower, hot water bottles, pillows, and biodegradable personal toiletries kit made from Andean herbs.
  12. We use spacious and comfortable tourist transport, with professional experienced drivers. All vehicles have an oxygen tank and first aid kit. They also have the necessary documentation for the local authorities.
  13. Our services are at the level of the best adventure tour operators in Peru. We assure you that by choosing our services your expectations, and those of your clients, will be surpassed.
  14. Because we have as work philosophy the respect and love for the nature, counting always with … “The protection of Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the permission of the Apus (Sacred Mountains)