HD Suqanqa Choqekiraw Puqio

Half day Seqe Choqekiraw Puquio. According to the Inka Cosmo vision, Cusco was center of the universe; the balance point between the three worlds.

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According to the Inka Cosmo vision, the city of Cusco was the center of the universe; the balance point between the three “worlds”. In this way they established a system of “seq’e”; lines which radiate out from the Qoricancha. These lines were directed towards the cardinal points and their intermediate points. Along these Seqes or lines, places of worship or huacas were built so that rituals and ceremonies could be carried out simultaneously or individually. Choqekiraw Puquio is an example of one of these huacas. To the south east of the city of Cusco, this Seqe is represented by a platform supported by semicircular terraces, making an Usnu (ceremonial platform) with a view of Cusco valley.


Day 1: Cuzco - Magisterio - Cuzco


We leave the district of Wanchaq early, towards the residential neighborhood of Magisterio (3244 masl / 10643 ft) in the city of Cusco.  Here we begin our walk, uphill, crossing some archaeological relics, such as terracing and some Callancas built by the Marcavalle ethnic group, inhabitants of the Cusco valley prior to the Inkas.  We cross farmland with a wonderful view of the valley of the Watanay River, in the city of Cusco.

We arrive at the archaeological site of Choqekiraw Puquio (3500 masl / 11482 ft), a water spring which was used in a ritual way the same as at Tipon, in fact, we can see many similarities between the two places; one of the differences is the size of the place in itself.  Terraces provide support on the side slopes, preventing erosion and the spring from becoming covered.  A water reservoir and stone channels are some of the attractions of this small site.  A bit further along we find the Suqanqa, a platform supported by semicircular terraces, which served as a site for rituals and sacred ceremonies to worship their gods.

After a short rest, we continue our walk towards the Inka Prison, following a stone path which also connects with the archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman.  On the way we find some colonial ovens.  Once we arrive at the Inka Prison (3615 masl / 11860ft), we can see the latest discoveries made at this site; ceramic workshops.  We will also see its ritual site, with a small but beautiful and delicately carved chincana (Andean cross).
Vaulted niches and other architectural details are finely worked, demonstrating the artwork and importance of these ritual sites.

We return to the city of Cusco, to the residential neighborhood of Magisterio, where our transport is waiting to take us back to our respective hotels.

Meals: snacks


3615 masl / 11860 ft

3244 masl / 10643 ft

8 km

4 hours


Group Service - Price per Person
1 2 3 4 - 10
Private Service - Price per Person
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Services included

  • Private transportation Cuzco – Magisterio
  • Guide service in Spanish/ English
  • Snack
  • Private transportation Magisterio – Cuzco

Services not included

  • Extra food
  • Optional tip for field staff
  • Extra costs


We recommend that you bring

  • Water-resistant trekking shoes
  • Light cloth for trekking
  • Polar fleece (including gloves and hat)
  • Waterproof clothing (poncho)
  • Water (2 lts. as minimum)
  • Sunhat and sunglasses
  • Sun cream and insect repellent
  • Walking sticks
  • Personal snacks

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